Lunging Ropes


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  • Lunging Aid COTTON HO
  • Special rein from soft braided cotton rope round for lunging forward-downward stretching posture.
  • There is no girth needed
  • The lunging aid extends freely over the withers and from the back through the front legs up to the bit
  • By means of a ring, the cord ends are brought together in the lower chest area
  • Carabiner for hooking into the bit rings
  • Length is individually adjustable
  • Usage:
  • 1.Place the lunging aid COTTON centrally over the withers
  • 2.Lead both ends from the back through the front legs and hook them into the bit rings. Thereby, the one end has to be pulled through the ring of the other end
  • 3.Usage length is individually adjustable on both sides:
  • M - usage length 2,70 m - 3,40 m (rigid measure approx. up to 1,50 m)
  • L - usage length 3,10 - 3,90 m (rigid measure approx. 1,50 - 168 m)
  • XL - usage length 3,60 - 4,60 m (rigid measure approx. from 1,68 m)
  • Important:
·  According to the gait, the movement of the horse is transferred to the bit rings. For the preferred posture,the cord should not be adjusted too short. Stepping on the cord might be caused by either the adjustment being too long or the horse striking with its front legs, be aware! Be careful when using tendon boots, the cord could get stuck behind them