Wilsun horse laundry Services (EST. 1990)

Trust your horse gear to people WHO hand make it every day!

The South East's Oldest and Largest Horse Laundry! Washing, Repairing and Waterproofing Blankets with the Upmost Care

At Wilsun Wash, we understand the importance of having well-maintained blankets for your horse. That's why we strive to be the premier blanket manufacturing and repair service available today. We offer a variety of quality fabrics and hardware to keep your blankets looking beautiful and functioning as they should.

In addition to our repair and manufacturing services, we also offer summer storage for your blankets. No need to take up unnecessary space in your barn when you can store them for free with us!

As a added benefit, our Wilsun Wash Wagon is available for complimentary pick-ups at large local barns and regular runs to outlying areas such as Peachtree City, Newnan and Athens, among other places.

Lastly We are the only horse laundry with the technology to encode your blankets digitally, making it easier than ever before to keep track of all repairs and waterproofing performed on them. Furthermore, changing barns is also never a problem since all of your information is stored in our system.

When you choose Wilsun Wash, you can be sure that your blankets will receive the best care possible. We are proud sponsors of GDCTA, GHJA, Wills Park and UGA College of Veterinary Medicine - so not only do you get quality services from us, but we also help support the local community! 


All washing is done with biodegradable materials and our state-of-the-art facilities. Plus we hang dry to 


We hand make blankets and show accessories, so we have the in-house expertise to make quality and durable repairs


We waterproof blankets year round, and if you have waterproofed with us in the past we know when the next time you are due for service!


Our careful tracking system allows us to record the complete history of each blanket – so you always know when it was last serviced or repaired.


Your laundry services earns you points towards Wilsun Loyalty Program to redeem on cool horse gear!


Wilsun Wash offers free storage of your blankets in the summer, no reason to take up unnecessary space in your barn when we can store them for you. 

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