Are you an equestrian rider looking for quality products designed to boost your performance? Then consider Supa Equestrian Products - the perfect combination of form and function. All of our products have been designed with a sharp eye for detail and precision by an engineer who is also an avid rider, creating results that are both savvy and sophisticated.

Our line of cool stirrups are made from the highest quality stainless-steel using unique technology for unsurpassed strength and style. Great for any individual’s riding style, these stunning pieces will make you stand out in any show arena.

We offer Supa Stands as well – a training aid made to decrease fatigue, battle boredom, and improve your equine's movements all at the same time. Engineering that is based on natural muscling movements makes this product state-of-the-art while providing easy access to improve performance levels.

With Supa Equestrian Products, choosing the right equipment to fit your needs just got easier! Improve your riding performance while having fun with stylish designs that will give you the edge over competition.