Personalized 6 3/8" Dual Fiber Brush Calientito


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Introducing the Personalized 6 3/8" Dual Fiber Brush Calientito! This special brush is essential for your horse-grooming kit - because when it comes to brushing your horse’s coat, nothing but the best will do! With its sleek union fiber center, white tampico border and hardwood backing, you can be sure that this brush is made to last. Boar bristles provide a gentle yet effective way to groom your horse’s mane and tail with ease.

The personalized Calientito really takes this brush to the next level - you have your choice of custom text or monogrammed detailing so that you can make sure it has a unique and personal touch to match your own style. Forget about a one size fits all grooming tool - this brush is just for you.

Don’t wait any longer - treat yourself to a premium quality brushing experience with the 6 3/8" Dual Fiber Brush Calientito today! Quality meets customization with this must-have equestrian tool. Add personalized detailing and feel confident knowing that you are using only the best for something you love - your horse!